Stained Glass – a story of a blog

As I sit in my cold garret, my kitchen, with only my hound to keep me warm, that bit is true there is no heating during the day, I am about to write a new blog post. Today I thought I should write about myself, the author, the chattering person. I have been surrounded by Stained Glass since I met Matthew, married him had three children and had my own career throughout. But I am now on a mad break, doing a Phd, studying new media, working part-time and having my first dog. So I am also writing the stained glass blog and having a great time being part of the studio team. A small art based business is very intensive and I have always lived with the mad excitement and long hours of a new commission about to be completed. The work the studio does is often very personal and we all get involved in the ups and downs of a project. The best bit is how people respond to their new window. From a small window in a house to a vast window in a public building, how that window changes people’s lives is amazing. We forget how colour and light can change our mood and the atmosphere of a space. In our homes this can cause a smile, in a hospital this can help a patient face a difficult consultation with a doctor. On the completion of one commission the whole community took part in writing a thank you book of thoughts and responses to the window. This is such a wonderful idea and when it is cold and everything is difficult at the studio, to remember that book with all the thoughts and wishes, it makes you smile.


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