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Stained Glass in a new format

Time seems to move so fast and I cannot believe that we are weeks away from the Grand Designs Live at the Excel centre and I am still catching up. Meeting people all day every day for ten days is quite amazing for someone who spends 50% of their working life alone in a studio. The time you are at the exhibition is fast and hectic and great fun, but it is also very different. While you are there the normal life of the studio is on hold, waiting, pausing and then you return and the river of studio life is flowing again but there are new interests and enquiries from the show as well. This weekend is a good time to review and catch up and sort out the next few weeks but also to reflect on a great show and some great new clients.


Posts that disappear

Well I seem to have lost a whole set of posts and I can’t work out why. All the new posts seemed to have disappeared. Is there some vast blog monster creeping around eating up stray lists of words? Were the words I had written so bad that they had to be erased? It is all very strange. Perhaps if I go away and the look back quickly they might have returned! Be prepared, there is something strange going on.IMG_0204

Young artists makes graphic novel of the studio


Summer sun and summer light

After weeks of rain and rain and guess what…..more rain at last we have summer and summer light. As we have early summer morning sun the light comes in through a stained glass window with bright jewel like colours. Sometimes we don’t have a large area of glass that can be changed so even a small porthole can still let the light in. Using very light glass and patterned glass can throw great light inside a building giving a little piece of the summer inside.

Our visiting student produces his test piece

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The studio recently hosted a visiting student from Germany, Johannes, who wanted to learn about Stained Glass whilst he was in England. He proved an able pupil and produced his first panel in just three days. We hope he takes this experience home with him and remembers his new skills.

Broken Glass and blood on fingers

When you look at the stained glass window you often do not realise how much glass has to be cut to create the pattern. All that glass means all those chances to cut stab and basically damage your hands and fingers. After a holiday Matthews fingers are much softer and the small cuts have healed and his hands look good. A week back and even as though he does not make every window, his fingers start to get rough and shaved by glass again. It is not just his fingers that get caught. Several pairs of trousers have cut slices across the thigh as large panels of glass are balanced on the legs as they are passed from place to place in the studio. All this is before he gets home. Somehow he attracts broken glass. Glasses, bowls anything that it is possible to break. The best was the last teapot he broke. The teapot was dropped in the china sink and managed to break like an egg across its middle! It was not just the teapot it was the lid as well, now that is just magic. You would think that someone working with glass would be more careful, we just believe that glasses wait for him so that they can really break, shatter and cause a real mess!

Holiday or renewel…

Ahh it is August and we all run for the hills, or in our case off to the Il de Re an island on the Atlantic coast of France. After we have lasted the first day with the constant reference to the phone and email, just to check how things are going at home and at the studio, then we start to relax. Then one day, a rainy morning, out came paint and paper and the stained glass man was off. First a sketch then suddenly he was inspired and the professional raised its head. A new photo was needed, paper was now taped to the table, and a much more exact pencil sketch was made. Then on to the watercolour to express the feeling of space, sky, wind and weather. This is a place of long vistas as the wind blows across the low-lying land. the sea, sky and inland salt marches give a feeling of openness, and even exposure. As an artist who runs a business this time to draw and paint is a time of regrowth and repair. To practice those skills that are used everyday just for your own use, no stress, no time constraint, just a piece of paper.

Image by Chris Coles

New jewel like glass all hand painted. Check out the shooting stars. Made in the last month at Stained Glass Studio.

Through the Stained glass window

Through my window the sun shines in many colours as it comes in through the stained glass front door. I step over panels of coloured light as I look out at the strange coloured world outside. In the winter the light glows out through the door and greets you as you come home. It is unique and special and that is my stained glass front door.