Glass tiles

There are some n20140423-170253.jpgew tiles at the studio creeping out from the kiln and decorating various areas. We have been working to create a glass feature that can be used as a spash-back in the kitchen or bathroom. These are our small colour palettes that will be made into one full size panel to the size needed. At the moment we have been working with blues and greens and the tones that develop from this. But they have been great fun to play with, as we having been laying them out in different colour grades, then dark to light, those that match and the others. The reds are a big contrast with these colours and we need do more in the red and warm colour palette.

Every time someone passes the tiles they move, sometimes a small change but others seem to move them all round until there is a totally new order. They also make a very satisfying noise as they are moved around. There is that slight ‘clink’ as they knock into one another. It should almost be made into an animation as object move and change shape and seem to walk across the screen. There is something so tactile about them that they just ask to be touched, moved and played with. We just hope our clients have as much fun with them as we are having!


Kiln working and glass painting going ahead

The kiln is working, having been mended with a great deal of effort, interesting language and time. So now thoughts of bowls can start again, after a delay of a good few weeks. There is also the opportunity to start firing the glass painting that has been done and has been waiting for a mended kiln. When the new kiln came into the studio we thought it would be a great studio heater. Sadly it is so well insulated that it keeps all the heat inside not sharing it around. Now this is very fuel efficient but not a great solution to cold dank mornings like today. I always remember at college that the kiln area in ceramics, pottery, was always warm and dry with a cosy cave like feeling. Anyway no such luck at stained glass studio, all efficient and well insulated.

This also means that the lamp shown below can now have a new fused glass lid instead of the material cover that was on the original lamp. A new photo will follow once the lid is ‘cooked’ or fused in the kiln.

Kiln not working all fusing on hold

More disaster than I can cope with! I got very inspired yesterday and wrote the blog and it has all disappeared. So back to the story…….. I was getting all prepared to start with some bowls and then I find that the kiln is not working. Well it is not really the kiln it is the door. The kiln is so large and heavy that it needs a separate motor to open the door. The kiln is fine but the door does not open. Then we find that the kiln maker has retired and a new company is dealing with the kilns and are not yet ready to make repairs. So I am all ready and waiting for something to happen and it may take some time.

Meanwhile I went to see that David Hockney exhibition and good very inspired by the colours. It was a very vibrant exhibition with dramatic colour shape and form. This might change what I want to do with the bowls so the delay might be a good idea and I might eventually have some totally new ideas. That is what art should do, inspire and stimulate new thoughts and ideas and new ways of seeing and thinking.

  Small part of picture from the Hockney exhibition at the RA

To the kiln…..

Test firing and then the first official firing in the new kiln.

Now I am not a kiln expert but there have been several days of testing and waiting, to make sure the kiln works properly before a real piece is risked in the kiln. My first impression is that the kiln is a great heating system. The studio is now cosy and warm and I can see that in the winter there could be clustering round the kiln to warm. Is this an ecological use of the excess heat produced?

Well now we await the first full firing. This picture is of painted glass waiting for the first firing. There has been small tests done but the kiln in now on program 2 and is up to 600 degrees. Results to follow…………………