fused glass

Fused, stained, decorated, painted , etched Glass

I have been looking at the rain and have been inspired by the way colour runs as you look at colour through the window. Colour seems to smudge and mix as the rain comes down between the glass and the colour. When designing glass windows, especially when using lead, the design has a strong defining line or edge. This can sometimes mean the subtle flow of colour does not happen. The use of a very thin line of lead or the shading or painting of glass can also have an effect. However some of the beauty of a glass window can be the way small pieces of glass catch the light. This image is like a watercolour with the delicate use colour and moving colour and sometimes this can be found within a sheet of coloured glass. Colour can added to flow through molten glass and this flow is then frozen in the cold glass to be used by the artist for its variation. I supposed you could think of it as pre-smudged glass.



Glass broken, shattered, cut and joined



Our visiting student produces his test piece

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The studio recently hosted a visiting student from Germany, Johannes, who wanted to learn about Stained Glass whilst he was in England. He proved an able pupil and produced his first panel in just three days. We hope he takes this experience home with him and remembers his new skills.

Glass, hearts and Glass Pop Art

Somehow we see stained glass in a set a rigid set of defined areas such as ‘contemporary’, ‘ecclesiastical’ and ‘domestic’ with these really meaning; modern and abstract, old and church like and anything in a house. It is as if art movements came and went and stained glass lived in its little zone far away with glass, lead and sliced fingers. Well today I am exhibiting my new Pop art lamp! It is a panel of fused glass placed over a simple commercially bought lamp base. It also contains a heart shape, cut with a water jet cutter, as to obtain a whole heart shape hand cut is very difficult. It is this heart shape that leads me to call this Pop art. The heart shape is an iconic shape or symbol that has become more than its original design. We use the heart shape as a short cut to link names, to be become a fan to show love. It is at the same time silly and flippant but also important as it suggests romance and a deeper feeling of love and caring. All these ideas, thoughts, feelings and concepts come together and make something beautiful, fun and that looks great, and will be even better when it is on my wall!


Kiln working and glass painting going ahead

The kiln is working, having been mended with a great deal of effort, interesting language and time. So now thoughts of bowls can start again, after a delay of a good few weeks. There is also the opportunity to start firing the glass painting that has been done and has been waiting for a mended kiln. When the new kiln came into the studio we thought it would be a great studio heater. Sadly it is so well insulated that it keeps all the heat inside not sharing it around. Now this is very fuel efficient but not a great solution to cold dank mornings like today. I always remember at college that the kiln area in ceramics, pottery, was always warm and dry with a cosy cave like feeling. Anyway no such luck at stained glass studio, all efficient and well insulated.

This also means that the lamp shown below can now have a new fused glass lid instead of the material cover that was on the original lamp. A new photo will follow once the lid is ‘cooked’ or fused in the kiln.

Kiln not working all fusing on hold

More disaster than I can cope with! I got very inspired yesterday and wrote the blog and it has all disappeared. So back to the story…….. I was getting all prepared to start with some bowls and then I find that the kiln is not working. Well it is not really the kiln it is the door. The kiln is so large and heavy that it needs a separate motor to open the door. The kiln is fine but the door does not open. Then we find that the kiln maker has retired and a new company is dealing with the kilns and are not yet ready to make repairs. So I am all ready and waiting for something to happen and it may take some time.

Meanwhile I went to see that David Hockney exhibition and good very inspired by the colours. It was a very vibrant exhibition with dramatic colour shape and form. This might change what I want to do with the bowls so the delay might be a good idea and I might eventually have some totally new ideas. That is what art should do, inspire and stimulate new thoughts and ideas and new ways of seeing and thinking.

  Small part of picture from the Hockney exhibition at the RA

Stained Glass Lamp or Textural Tenticals of Glass

I have a new lamp that has four panels of fused glass made from tiny drops of small glass. The glass has then been heated to cause fusing and produces this amazing textural surface. New colours are created as the glass either fuses with the same colour or different coloured glass. The best part it hat it has been done so well that the glass still retains that unique translucency of glass and seems to glow with the light. Each panel is slightly different going from dark blue to a lighter blue, mixing to become a blue green then finishing with a lighter green going to yellow and this area is dotted with tiny bits of red and blue glass. To me it is a beach reaching to the dark blue sea with that magic shining colour of only the best days at the seaside. There are four panels around the four sides of the lamp each telling their own slightly different story of the beach. With the light coming from within the panels and balancing on a small mirror base the lamp is a glowing area of colour. This one of 3 different designs that have each been hand made to create these tactile lamps that each tell their own story of colour.