Bathroom Window

Stained Glass and what it does

This morning I went into my bathroom and was inspired again by the light coming through the window. We have a stained glass window in the bathroom, that’s an advantage of working in glass, and the sun was catching the colours and making them shine. It does cheer you up in the morning, all those colours and shape and light flowing into the room. So often a bathroom window in obscured glass, well we don’t want to flash at the neighbour, but the introduction of colour is so great. So I wandered in and out this morning and felt better as I washed that colour was flowing into my life and making my day have a better start.Detail of Bathroom Window - Stained Glass Studio


Posts that disappear

Well I seem to have lost a whole set of posts and I can’t work out why. All the new posts seemed to have disappeared. Is there some vast blog monster creeping around eating up stray lists of words? Were the words I had written so bad that they had to be erased? It is all very strange. Perhaps if I go away and the look back quickly they might have returned! Be prepared, there is something strange going on.IMG_0204

Blue Bathroom?

You know that new year feeling of wanting a change and doing something new, well I have got it bad! I have decided I hate my bathroom window. It is not stained glass and somehow I have not nagged to get it sorted but now the time has come. Stained glass in the bathroom is such a wonderful solution. All the beauty of light and colour and also being able to make sure no-one can see in. You can have such fun with the bathroom window. I remember a client having a classical Greek scene featuring a warrior with a spear, for their bathroom window. There was also the shower screen that was made of two full size images  depicting St George  and St Margaret richly painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style of Victorian Church windows, I always thought it was slightly spooky that you would be showering next to Saint George and his Dragon. You can have any image you want and it can reflect what style you have in your bathroom. A lighthouse or the sea is always good but you could just go for pattern and colour. My bathroom is blue so I do like the idea of blue and white squares in a chessboard pattern. The blue and white might be quite cold on its own so a thin border in a dark red would bring warmth to the window and to the room. I am lucky that I don’t have a neighbours house very close to the window and that I get a lot of sun in the window in the morning. This means I can have quite a simple window. Once it is made I can have it sealed into a double glazed unit, so the bathroom is kept warm and secure. Now all I need to do is get it sorted and get some designs done. Once I have made the decision it all seems very exciting and a good start to my stained glass new year. Stained Glass Studio.