Exhibiting at the Grand Design Live May 2 – 10


Well there is mayhem at the studio as we are off to Grand Designs at the Excel Centre for a great week of meeting old clients, meeting new client and making lots of friends. The preparation is always the worst bit. Are we ready, have we remembered everything. What notes did I make last year about the changes we should make. What must I remember to do that I always forget? The worst thing is that however prepared you are this last week always creeps up on you with a bang! You think you have lots of time left and suddenly we will be putting up the exhibition on Friday and opening on Saturday. I always like to take new work but that means it must be completed and ready days before as the last thing you need to worry about is unfinished works of art. Oh, and last but not least do I have nine days for cleaned ironed shirts! This may be mad but it is a totally different place, a lot warmer than the studio and not somewhere you are doing a messy practical job, and it is always the last thing I remember!

Back to work now, watch for updates on twitter, or best of all come to see us.


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