A Stained Glass Hippo?

Stained glass is often seen as quite a formal art form especially as there is the association with Churches and formal State buildings. But stained glass can also be witty and funny and make you smile. Recently there were the Hippo’s. Now when you think of a Hippo it might make you think of vast muddy pools in Africa with a large round animal with its mouth open. They have some resemblance to a pig in the short tail, short legs, round tubby form and a distinctive nose. In real life they are a dangerous wild animal that should not be messed with. However, as an image they are round and cuddly and swim very well. When I went to the studio and saw some painted Hippo’s all those images of dancing and swimming images of cartoons and picture books came back to me. These smiling Hippo’s are wonderful and make me laugh. They also made me think of creating my own coat of arms. Perhaps for me it would not be Hippo’s, but I could see a pair of hedgehog’s rampant with a witty motto for the family……something to do with glass, colour and light perhaps?





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