Do you know you climbers from your clingers?

Sometimes questions passing through the studio take on a very unusual slant, ‘what does a honeysuckle flower look like?’. Well I immediately see a visual picture in my mind and then I have to describe it. Well it is a cluster of creamy white flowers, the flowers themselves are like small trumpets……. That is  a description but in fact as I was saying all this I realised how unspecific it all was. We were trying to identify a flower image on a piece of Victorian painted glass. Allowing for the fact that it might be a fantasy flower and might be a combination of flower ideas, we were off on a treasure hunt. Out came the flower books and our first problem. I may know common names but I am useless at the latin names. Having found the Honeysuckle, latin name Lonicera, you could see this was not the plant. We were looking for a single trumpet with quite a formal flower shape at the final point. So back to the flower books, at which point I wished they would just show a flower on its own as this would help with the identification. Then I had an inspiration, Jasmine. We looked it up but on the internet the pictures were of what I would call ‘mock-orange’ or Philadelphus, see how I am now showing off with my use of the latin! So back to the books and in latin jasmine is, Jasmine officinalis, great help that. So there were the flowers from the painted glass. Simple trumpets ending in a classic flower shape on long climbing stems. The Victorians had a complete language for flowers and the Jasmine is Amiability , I attach myself to you, sensuality, attachment. So the treasure hunt is finished and the flower has been found, all we have to do now is paint the flowers on glass!


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