The Shard…….a slice of glass or another big pointy thing

When you work with glass the term shard can suggest a painful piece of sharp glass that ends up in you…..owwww. Or you can can be the person trying to pull out pieces of invisible glass from a hand covered in blood. Then you see the building. For me it is a glinting shape in the distance as I look down over London from the distant North (London). Some days it is just the change of light in the skyline that indicates the building. Other days it is a sharp point reaching up to catch the clouds. In the reflection of the surrounding light on its surface it does create the illusion of invisibility, a mirage. That is the magic of glass. It is there but not there. It is our protector against rain and wind, hot and cold, but it is also able to bring the outside in, to allow a view. We live in houses made of brick and stone of heavy substantial forces that surround and support us. Then we add the light. We place pains of visibility in spaces between the bricks and however much we have straightened glass it still has the ability to break and shatter, to form shards. Shards, that like a knife that can stab and cut or shards, like the building, that can endlessly reach up and away. Sometimes glass is quite magic.


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