Lighting the Beacon

Well we have had a busy week and Stained Glass Studio has been putting its name around. On Monday night Stained Glass Studio supported the lighting of the beacon at the oldest Church Beacon, St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley. The idea of lighting a beacon, a warning sign, is one of those essential celebrations. The day before all the beacons were lit, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, I had seen part of the final ‘Lord of the Rings” film. In it there was the lighting of the beacons, large bonfires lit on high mountain tops, carrying the warning from community to community. I remember the beacons being lit when we commemorated the danger of the Spanish Armada landing on English soil. We were on Salisbury Plain and could see the line of fires stretching for miles and miles. Back to Monday night and ours was just a basket of fire appearing at the top of the church tower, but it still contained all the excitement of flame and fire. The roars of the crowd and the cheering when the beacon was lit created a great community feeling and a large crowd celebrated peacefully, ate and drank happily and we all managed to get home without any major problems. Well done Stained Glass Studio, it wouldn’t have happened without you.


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