Glass, hearts and Glass Pop Art

Somehow we see stained glass in a set a rigid set of defined areas such as ‘contemporary’, ‘ecclesiastical’ and ‘domestic’ with these really meaning; modern and abstract, old and church like and anything in a house. It is as if art movements came and went and stained glass lived in its little zone far away with glass, lead and sliced fingers. Well today I am exhibiting my new Pop art lamp! It is a panel of fused glass placed over a simple commercially bought lamp base. It also contains a heart shape, cut with a water jet cutter, as to obtain a whole heart shape hand cut is very difficult. It is this heart shape that leads me to call this Pop art. The heart shape is an iconic shape or symbol that has become more than its original design. We use the heart shape as a short cut to link names, to be become a fan to show love. It is at the same time silly and flippant but also important as it suggests romance and a deeper feeling of love and caring. All these ideas, thoughts, feelings and concepts come together and make something beautiful, fun and that looks great, and will be even better when it is on my wall!



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