Kiln not working all fusing on hold

More disaster than I can cope with! I got very inspired yesterday and wrote the blog and it has all disappeared. So back to the story…….. I was getting all prepared to start with some bowls and then I find that the kiln is not working. Well it is not really the kiln it is the door. The kiln is so large and heavy that it needs a separate motor to open the door. The kiln is fine but the door does not open. Then we find that the kiln maker has retired and a new company is dealing with the kilns and are not yet ready to make repairs. So I am all ready and waiting for something to happen and it may take some time.

Meanwhile I went to see that David Hockney exhibition and good very inspired by the colours. It was a very vibrant exhibition with dramatic colour shape and form. This might change what I want to do with the bowls so the delay might be a good idea and I might eventually have some totally new ideas. That is what art should do, inspire and stimulate new thoughts and ideas and new ways of seeing and thinking.

  Small part of picture from the Hockney exhibition at the RA


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