The light through a stained glass window

How can you describe how light coming through a stained glass window is changed, coloured and moved. We use all those phrases of, ‘out of darkness into light’, ‘the light of our life’, ‘bringing light into our lives’. Each of these phrases suggests that light is good, positive, special and even magical. We also use the term ‘light’ in a spiritual or revelatory way. In the Christian church turning to the light is see as turning to God as this is from where all light emanates. The way of the light is linked with the way of truth as in the true religion. However, we also talk about someone, ‘seeing the light’ when they finally can see the truth. They can finally see what others have seen for weeks, months or years. So we see light as good but we also describe light as soft or harsh. Soft is the light of the candle, a moving dancing light that is not strong. Harsh light is the fluorescent tube that reveals us all in our bare angles, wrinkles and creases. Sometimes the early morning light can be clear and sharp and harsh, especially in the winter when the angle of the rising sun is low. So what happens to light when it comes through a stained glass window. We use the colour and texture of the glass to create different patterns and forms of light. I wanted my window in the front door to accentuate the feeling of sun coming through the window. The sun comes in the front windows in the morning and I wanted the hall to continue to glow with warm light. I therefore chose colours that would help with glowing yellow and red colours. We also have a line of small cut glass shapes that send small shafts of light into the hall. At night the light comes from within the house and shines out from the door. Again having warm colours in the door makes the house look warm and welcoming. This house and it’s occupants welcome you into its warm comfortable interior. Stained Glass Studio.


2 responses

  1. Rocki

    Hello – this is beautiful. Where are you based out of? thanky ou.

    May 4, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    • soryahh

      We Are in South Mimms which is just north of London UK.
      Many thanks

      May 4, 2017 at 4:14 pm

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