Art deco and stained glass

Stained Glass Studio have increased and grown as we now have a dog as part of the team! Although the new arrival is not expected to take on a full-time role he has already started influencing the team. Our new dog is a Silken Windhound which is a smaller version of the Borzoi or Greyhound; the inspiration for many images and designs in Art Deco. There is something about the long nose and extended shape of the hound that inspired the Art Deco designers. The shapes and forms used in Art Deco imagery that used curved and flowing line, responds to the shape of the hound with its desire to run and chase and the strong upright stature when sitting. There are some beautiful Art Deco Images featuring a hound but so far I have not seen a stained glass window with a hound. I am off to search for one…………. Stained Glass Studio.


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