Stained Glass Lamp or Textural Tenticals of Glass

I have a new lamp that has four panels of fused glass made from tiny drops of small glass. The glass has then been heated to cause fusing and produces this amazing textural surface. New colours are created as the glass either fuses with the same colour or different coloured glass. The best part it hat it has been done so well that the glass still retains that unique translucency of glass and seems to glow with the light. Each panel is slightly different going from dark blue to a lighter blue, mixing to become a blue green then finishing with a lighter green going to yellow and this area is dotted with tiny bits of red and blue glass. To me it is a beach reaching to the dark blue sea with that magic shining colour of only the best days at the seaside. There are four panels around the four sides of the lamp each telling their own slightly different story of the beach. With the light coming from within the panels and balancing on a small mirror base the lamp is a glowing area of colour. This one of 3 different designs that have each been hand made to create these tactile lamps that each tell their own story of colour.



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