Stained Glass Studios at the Retail Trust.

This week we got ready to celebrate a completed piece of work. This is always great because suddenly the window that you have worked on and focused on for days and weeks is in its natural surrounding. This week the Studio returned to see the widow at the Retail Trust in Mill Hill unveiled in all it glory. This is a large Victorian window painted in a style that many would see as a ‘church window’ style. What is magical about this window is that you can step very close and see all the detail. In a Church or Guildhall the windows are raised up high above us mere mortals, making any fine detail difficult to see. Here we could see the fine lines on the faces and the delicate detail of the peacock feathers as angels wings. It was also lovely to hear from those who can see the window from their own home, how they welcome the restoration and return of this fine window. It was a lovely celebration and it is good to walk away and feel your work has been really valued. Stained Glass Studio.


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