Holiday or renewel…

Ahh it is August and we all run for the hills, or in our case off to the Il de Re an island on the Atlantic coast of France. After we have lasted the first day with the constant reference to the phone and email, just to check how things are going at home and at the studio, then we start to relax. Then one day, a rainy morning, out came paint and paper and the stained glass man was off. First a sketch then suddenly he was inspired and the professional raised its head. A new photo was needed, paper was now taped to the table, and a much more exact pencil sketch was made. Then on to the watercolour to express the feeling of space, sky, wind and weather. This is a place of long vistas as the wind blows across the low-lying land. the sea, sky and inland salt marches give a feeling of openness, and even exposure. As an artist who runs a business this time to draw and paint is a time of regrowth and repair. To practice those skills that are used everyday just for your own use, no stress, no time constraint, just a piece of paper.

Image by Chris Coles


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