Inspiration and Vision

As I stood in front of an amazing ‘Wall of Glass’ at the newly open ‘William Harvey Heart Centre’ at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, I was drawn to think of what is creativity. The work of the artist, Matthew Lloyd-Winder, is certainly a work of creativity. He was inspired by the concept outlined by the client and he went away to design a solution to the outlined project. He was inspired by the idea, the size and the subject matter and within these defined areas he created a solution to the problem. But what of the client. The client and project driver was Professor Mark Caulfield who had the vision to feel that it is important to have art within a scientific building. Why should we find that a dichotomy? Apart from the fact that to create a wall of glass using painting, firing, staining and fusing techniques is all about harnessing chemical reactions to mold and transform glass, we are talking about seeking inspiration and vision. As it says in the brochure for the opening of the William Harvey Heart Centre, the building was; ‘To establish an innovative Heart Centre to drive a research pipeline for novel therapies from bench to patient’. This seeking and driving forward is what the artist does seeking to answer the problem set. It is at this point that there is an estimation of value, and this is not about money. The doctor is there to save life to create a future, all the artist does is ‘decorate’. However, what are we saving the life for if we do not have a positive world to live in. We know that recovery from operations can be improved by what you can see from your hospital window. To be visually stimulated can be inspirational. We can feel better about a treatment because of the venue where we have our treatment. And finally, what is the point of saving a life if when we get home we cannot see out of the window, because there is no glass in the window. Therefore can we say that both the Dr and the artist are creative as they have inspiration and vision.


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