Creating the creation

One of the things that is difficult when working with glass is that you are designing with light, on paper. So sometimes you have to work and experiment with the glass itself. This is especially true when the glass has been painted and stained and processed through the kiln, which can change colour and texture of the glass itself. Below is a work in progress and you can see panels of glass blutaced onto glass to give the designer a clearer view of how the processes are going.

The round spots show how each small panel of glass is added to the plain glass panel to build up the whole window. Each small piece of glass can now been seen in the light against the adjacent piece of glass. Now the whole work can be seen as it flows and merges from one shape and colour to the next. The designer can now make changes, slight alterations using the light within the creation. Once the final design has been settled the glass will be removed cleaned and finally constructed into the completed work.


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