Kiln…..a visit to Wales

On a warm Tuesday morning the Owner of Stained Glass Studio and Hugo set off to the far north-west coast of Wales to find a new kiln.  They set off at nine with hope and returned at 12.45 pm having eaten the worst of the motorway food they could find travelled through thunderstorms in a van that would not go above 65 mph. In between they had seen the road and mountains of Wales…and Buffalo! I am not sure where the buffalo came from but I have been reliably informed that there was a buffalo farm in west Wales. It seems a long way to go for a kiln but second-hand stained glass kilns are rare beasts and this kiln is a beast. In the past large work has been done in kilns beg borrowed on hired in a variety of venues.

So now there is a large metal box sitting in the studio ready for testing, waiting like a great menacing beast to see if the journey was worth it. We await further news…………………………….


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